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Training Providers

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Our streaming service includes:

  • Bandwidth Connection Fee (if applicable)
  • Live Streaming
  • Live access for the presenter
  • Technical moderator present on the course
  • Administration and student enrolment
  • Course attendance analytics

Additional bespoke services available on demand: engaging live actors, studio space, design and creation of learning material such as workbooks, PowerPoint slideshows and fact sheets. Quoted on request.

New Training Vehicle

Tapiit Live can help you deliver interactive classroom training directly to your students at sea and ashore.

We are different to other simple streaming platforms, as we stream your course at a high quality level from the start, and to assist your transition to a live stream course, we offer:

  • A Dedicated Studio

    Finding an appropriate location to stream from and finding the best equipment is challenging. We offer a studio to stream your course from, ensuring the highest quality sound and video. This removes the worry of finding technical equipment or having to soundproof a room.

  • Streaming Support

    Live streaming can be complicated for non-technical people. Our support team will assist the whole streaming process, and eliminate any stress by helping for the duration of the session. This leaves your presenter to focus on the delivery of the course.

  • Tailor Your Content

    Content created for a classroom or e-learning environment does not always easily transfer to iLearning. We offer advice on tailoring your course content to suit live streaming. We ensure that you utilise all of the appropriate live tools and resources to enhance the learning experience.

  • Compressed Streaming

    Poor streaming quality can cause disruption to the session. We use cutting-edge streaming technology to compress the stream to make it the best quality video possible, no matter the strength of the internet connection. This ensures that the participants get the best learning experience possible.

  • Presenters

    Many presenters struggle to keep their audience engaged when delivering a course online. Let us help to train your presenter to ensure they utilise all the tools available and retain attention.


Tools to aid live interactive streaming.


The waiting room will let attendees know what the live course or event will cover and it will inform them who the presenter is and share any important files.


Our video streams will be limited to 4 people at a time to ensure the best quality. Video stream rotations will be highly encouraged to give everyone an opportunity to engage..


If not on camera, attendees can interact and respond to the presenter by using 'thumbs up' and thumbs down'. 'Raise a Hand' tool can be used if an attendee wants to join by camera.


We carry out polls and surveys during our live events and courses in order to gather opinions and test knowledge in real time.


Attendees can interact, provide feedback, and get clarification in the public chats. Equally, the private chat can be used to do the same.


Presentation tools visually assist our presenters and allows attendees to engage with the content displayed alongside the spoken presentation.


Our system will mark all important questions and will include them into the Q&A session at the end of the event.


Attendees experiencing internet issues can dial in using toll-free phone numbers, while they fix their internet problems.


There are many other tools that will help you visually connect with the content, e.g. white board, screen sharing and calls-to-action.

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