A series of bespoke well-being courses
and services tailored to your organisation

Bespoke Mental Well-Being Programme

We are introducing an efficient modern approach to mental well-being in your organisation and we will guide you to make a true difference. Tapiit Live is run by former seafarers, maritime professionals and seafarers’ welfare campaigners, meaning that mental well-being in the maritime industry has always been a priority of ours. As a society, there is a growing awareness of the importance of mental well-being, with people increasingly talking more openly about it, however more action is still needed. We are pleased to introduce a comprehensive Mental Well-Being Programme and bespoke services available for companies and organisations that are ready to make the first steps towards real change.

Our Mental Well-Being Programme introduces several stages of LIVE mental well-being courses, directed at specific target audiences within your organisation. We will help you to create a mental well-being culture that does not have a place for stigma or labelling people, a culture where your company’s policies reflect its beliefs in well-being, a culture where everyone has support without the fear of raising a hand. We strongly believe that it must be a culture where awareness, support and promotion of mental well-being starts from the leaders and is passed on all the way throughout the company to the front-line employees (seafarers). To achieve a meaningful change, it must start from the top. Our mental well-being programme is bespoke, and we will tailor it to your company’s existing culture to meet your specific needs and requirements. The standard practice would be to start with Stage 1 and then continue your way through the various stages of the programme. However, each organisation is unique, and we commit to get to know and understand you so that we can propose the best solution for you.


Mental Well-Being Course for Leaders

The Mental Well-Being Course for Leaders will be live-streamed to leaders and managers within your organisation. Options will include individual attendance via laptop, tablet or phone, or a group session streamed to your company’s designated conference room.

The big focus will be placed on looking after your own mental well-being and allowing yourself to be realistic and human. Once you put your own lifejacket on, let’s see how we can help and support others.


  • Well-Being culture
  • Stigma
  • Practical tools to look after you own mental well-being as a leader
  • Ways of supporting your employees

+ includes a follow up session 6 weeks after initial course

stage 1
stage 1

Stage 2

Mental Well-Being at Sea at Times of Uncertainty

Even when you are proactively trying to maintain a positive mental well-being culture within your organisation, there are many situations where your staff may require further support to cope with stress, e.g. Covid-19 which has meant they were not able to leave the vessel. The ‘Stress Management Tools’ training will provide your employees with practical tools to cope and manage stress levels in highly stressful situations and environments.


  • Practical tools to cope with highly stressful situations
  • Keeping your focus on what matters
  • Q&A session

Stage 3

Mental Well-Being Support Programme For Cadets

The Mental well-being support programme for cadets is a 3-year training programme which is divided into 14 individual live courses. Individual modules will be delivered during the vital phases of cadetship:
Phase 1 (college), Phase 2 (sea), Phase 5 (overall).

A comprehensive training programme will ensure consistency and the best possible training level for those becoming our future officers and decision makers.


  • Living away from home
  • Financial independence
  • Higher education pressures
  • Managing your mental health
  • Mental well-being and resources
  • MCA orals and dealing with possible failure
  • Leap from Cadet to Officer
  • Cultural awareness
  • Diversity at sea
  • Understanding isolation
  • Peer pressure

Bespoke Well-Being services

Tailored to your organisation

We will work directly with your organisation to expand the mental well-being package and take your initiative beyond attending the course. All services are carried out on an individual bespoke basis according to the client’s requirements.

Examples of services include:

  • Looking into company’s existing procedures and proposing further plan/additional services that can be suitable for the company
  • Merchandise and visual materials to support the message (banners and posters for the vessel/offices etc, marketing material, leaflets)
  • Creation and delivery of bespoke training
  • Live fitness, yoga and wellness classes for vessel (FlexiiLife subscription)
  • Other on-demand services that will contribute towards developing and improving the mental well-being culture within the organisation