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About Tapiit Live

Our Story

My name is Richard Turner and I am a founder of Tapiit Group. I am a former seafarer and shore-based executive with a great passion for education and welfare-based solutions. I formed Tapiit Group in May 2019 with a view of disrupting the maritime training industry. I have gathered experienced maritime professionals and former seafarers around me with a view to providing more efficient training at reduced costs.Tapiit Group was formed with the purpose of reducing training costs for individual seafarers, shipping companies and maritime organisations, which in turn allows industry to train more people, contribute towards increased safety onboard, increased training quality and well-being of crew members. We provide training through several technology solutions.

The journey began with Tapiit Maritime - a maritime hub providing access to the world's largest database of maritime courses and training providers. Tapiit Maritime provides more choice of training to reduce overall expenditures and train more staff. While working with seafarers and shipping companies on the daily basis, we experienced a lot of discussions about the ongoing debate ‘Well-established quality classroom experience versus cheaper online training’ and limitations of both. We watched an increase in demand for new solutions that will make training more efficient, cost effective and will address emphasis being placed on reducing the carbon footprint. We had to do something about it.

Tapiit Live was formed in 2019 to apply the quality and experience of classroom training, combine it with benefits of e-learning and deliver this through interactive live-streaming solutions. Tapiit Live is an ultimate virtual room allowing you to attend a course or an event on your laptop, tablet, or phone without losing real time interaction.

Tapiit Live and technology solutions allow us to pursue our views and passion for better, more efficient education and welfare services for the maritime communities around the world. We are committed to delivering the best quality solutions and tailored approach to everything we do.

Yours Sincerly

Richard Turner
Chief Executive Officer